Sustainable development program

In June, we support SPCA de Montréal

In June, Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal supports the Montreal SPCA



The Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal launches its first action in terms of sustainable and social development in favor of the Montreal SPCA.

Dear customer, take part in our collection of the month by waiving your housekeeping service when you stay more than one night with us: $5 will be donated to the Montreal SPCA by refusal of service. You will thus contribute to the respect of our environment and to the financial support of our organization of the month.

On June 25, we will organize a fundraising day in partnership with Montreal SPCA ! more info to come!

 SPCA Montreal mission:

SPCA de Montréal soutenu par le saint-sulpice hôtel montréal

Their mission is to protect animals against negligence, abuse and exploitation, to represent their interests and ensure their well-being, to promote public awareness and to help arouse compassion for all sentient beings.

Find all of their actions on their website:

and follow the beautiful stories of adoption, rescue and intervention day by day on the facebook page of the Montreal SPCA

L'organisme du mois de juin que nous soutenons est la SPCA de Montréal.

This organization was selected by our colleague Angie Angers, sales manager, who is very sensitive to the cause of animal protection.

”Animal welfare is intrinsically at the heart of my deepest values. The love of animals was transmitted to me from my early childhood and has never left me since. Having lived in Mexico for a few years, I was made very aware of the problems of wandering, abandonment and animal neglect. I have always sought to get involved in organizations that serve to raise public awareness through education and prevention, in a promise of a better and fairer world. Intervening to improve their quality of life and sometimes even saving them means returning the favor… Defending the animal cause means speaking on behalf of those who have no voice to be heard. We are one species among many others, living together with respect and taking care of those who depend on us.”

We thank you in advance for your contribution!


Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal Team


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