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In March, we support the Regroupement of Trisomy 21

In March, Le Saint-Sulpice Montréal supports the Regroupement of Trisomy 21

Over the past year, the Hôtel Saint-Sulpice has been implementing a sustainable development program. In March, we are supporting Regroupement of Trisomy 21.

The principle is simple: we invite our guests who stay at the hotel for more than one night not to use the housekeeping service. By doing so, our guests are helping to reduce their ecological footprint, and they’re also contributing to our monthly collection, since for every day they refuse, the hotel donates $5 to a charity close to our hearts.

In March, Alice Jean-Tremblay, our Culture & Talents Coordinator, opted for the Regroupement of Trisomy 21.

”I have had a special affection for Down Syndrome group since I was young. When I was in elementary school in Quebec City, my best friend had Down syndrome. All the other kids asked me why I was friends with her. I never saw a difference between her and me. My fondest memories at school are with her. For my 18th birthday party, I collected donations for this organization and when I was asked what cause I would like to support for our green program, I did not hesitate to get involved with the Down Syndrome group. Plus, International Down Syndrome Day is March 21, a few days after my birthday. ” Alice Jean-Tremblay, our Culture & Talents Coordinator,

For the benefit of:

The Regroupement of Trisomy 21 (RT21) is a non-profit organization committed to promoting the full development of people with Trisomy 21. Our mission is to encourage their social integration, defend their rights and support the families, caregivers and professionals who accompany them.

The mission:

  • provide personalized support;
  • provide a support network and a single source of information;
  • deal with topics of current interest to families;
  • devote all its energies to raising awareness, informing the public and defending the rights of people with Down’s Syndrome;
  • offer free conferences;
  • offer affordable workshops with health professionals (occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy).

We’re counting on you and your support, and we’d like to thank you in advance!

Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal Team

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