Sustainable development program

In August, we support La Maison Bleue

For this month of August, the Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal is deploying its green program in favor of La Maison Bleue.

Launched in June 2022, the Hotel Le Saint-Sulpice’s Green Program raises funds for organizations that work in favor of sustainable or social development. All hotel guests staying in August are invited to refuse the housekeeping service during their stay of 2 nights or more, in order to contribute $5/day of refusal to the collection for La Maison Bleue.

In addition to financial support for this organization, customers also contribute to environmental protection by reducing their ecological footprint.

The mission of La Maison Bleue:


This non-profit organization’s mission is to provide an environment conducive to the development of children by intervening with pregnant women in vulnerable situations.

La Maison Bleue founded in 2007 has four houses in Montreal: in Côte-des-Neiges, Parc-Extension, Saint-Michel and Verdun. She intervened with 5,800 mothers, babies, siblings and spouses. Each of these Maison bleue brings together a whole “village” of mutual aid, a support network made up of health and social service professionals (family doctors, midwives, nurses, social workers, specialized educators, psychoeducators), therapists and volunteers offering a warm environment where families have access to care and services provided on a human scale.

For more information: la Maison Bleue


La Maison Bleue was chosen by Martine Quintal, our financial controller who explains the reasons for her choice.

martine quintal, contrôleure financier a choisi la maison bleue pour la collecte du mois d'août organisee apr le siant-sulpice hôtel montréal

“When reading this text, I would like you to have in mind the sweet melody of « Prendre Un Enfant » by singer-songwriter Yves Duteil, because it perfectly sums up the mission that the founders of La Maison Bleue, Dre. Vania Jimenez, family doctor and midwife, and Amélie Sigouin, early childhood social-worker, and their team aim to do.

la maison bleue soutenue par martine quintal avce le programme vert du saint-sulpice hôtel montréal

By choosing La Maison Bleue, is my way of giving back what I have received in life through this fundraiser. I had the privilege of having been so well surrounded by love and support, before, during and after my three pregnancies which now date back to almost 30 years. And now, I am about to experience another great privilege of life, that of being a grandmother.

My daughter, my baby, my beautiful Caroline, this 26-year-old young woman who is just about 20 weeks pregnant, who in turn is experiencing her pregnancy one of the most beautiful moments in life, her too surrounded by love, support, and everything she will need, before, during and after her pregnancy.

Unfortunately, it is not the same reality for all future mothers to live their pregnancies peacefully or surrounded by their loved ones. Far too many of them do not have access to these privileges that we too often take for granted. Thanks to La Maison Bleue, more and more young pregnant women can live their pregnancies well accompanied, surrounded by love, support, before, during and after their pregnancies. »

We thank our guests in advance for their generosity!


Karin Janssen,
Gérante marketing





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