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Our new signature: SoSulpice!

SoSulpice! more than a signature, a commitment

It is great pleasure that we present you our new signature: SoSulpice! You might have already seen it on our  social media these last months?

You may wonder, what does SoSulpice! mean?

SoSulpice! is the expression of our DNA, of what built the success of our hotel over the last 17 years.  SoSulpice! is our commitment to making your stay Sodifferent! and Soauthentic!
Experience Montreal the way we would!

SoSulpice! tours

Who better talk about the different Montreal neighborhoods than a Montrealer ? Of course there are plenty of tour guides, blogs, and forums about Montreal. But there are so many things to do, to live that it is an never-ending story ! There is such a huge diversity of attractions in this town that we decided to ask for the contribution of our multicultural team. We asked them to talk about their Montreal, their neighborhoods, their tips and suggestion, because  something we love about Montreal is that everyone has its own preferences and stories about it. It,s unique to each  and veryone of us!

That’s how we created our first SoSulpice! summer tours.

 Canal lachine SoSulpice tour


If you have time to go off the beaten track, follow Marie Arfeuille, Sales Manager. She will help you discover the street Art of Montreal. Or you will love her bests Instagrammable spots. Maybe you would be more interested in discovering the Mile-ex, one of most Montreal evolving ‘underground’ and artistic neighborhood by Anne-marie Verville, Events Manager.
Otherwise Vincent Lago, Concierge will guide you through the numerous public artworks in Old Montreal.

If your are looking for others spots, ask our Concierges! They are ‘Les Clefs d’Or’ certified, meaning they graduated as high level experts of Montreal. They are ready to uncover your needs, interests and requests to then help you organize your visit, book tours or restaurants, and so much more. 

SoSulpice! pedicab tour:

Since two years now, we are proud partner of Cyclocitoyen.  This organization offers different guided tours throughout the Old Montreal by pedicab.  Once on board, you will explore the rich history of Old Montreal with their knowledgeable drivers who will strongly treadle around the cobblestone streets.

Over the last summer, Cyclocitoyen picked up our guests right in front of the hotel, and our Concierges surprised them with delicious maple pop-corn ( from Les Délices de l’érable ) and fresh  bottles of water for the way! A nice SoSulpice! touch appreciated by our guests.

The Pedicab tours will be back next summer!

expérience SoSulpice, cyclocitoyen, tour de ville, vélo, visite vieux montréal


SoSulpice! Experiences

SoSulpice! picnic

Did you know? In summertime, enjoying a picnic in a park is one of Montrealers’ most favorite activity! When summer days will be back, you will see parks filling up with people having fun and.. festing! Families and friends are joining up with their hamock, blankets, games picnic basket and cooler! All day (and evening) long!


picnic SoSulpice!, picnic Montréal, été, parc


This summer, le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal launched its SoSulpice! picnic baskets. One of our many ways to make our guests feel like Montrealers!  We offered two  types of experiences, for 2 to 4 people; a classic picnic basket, and an ‘aperitif’ picnic basket. Being located at a short 2-minute walk from the Old Port of Montreal’s park, it was a natural choice! while booking their basket our guests could ask our concierges their best insider tips and go-to spots in the city. They let them in on where to sit for the best view of the St-Laurent river or where to watch the most beautiful sunset…

SoSulpice! VIP Events

On July 10th, 2019, we organized our 1st SoSulpice!VIP  Event with le Cirque du Soleil !

On our beautiful sunny terrace, ideally located in the heart of our garden, we invited all in-house guests to this festive cocktail about creativity! They enjoyed champagne and canapés as well as a conference of Dan Fortin, VP Creation of le Cirque du Soleil. What a wonderful experience and unique opportunity for our guests to meet and talk to this local talent, while learning about the creative in-house secrets of this famous company!

To meet and discuss with local talents; now that’s a SoSulpice! experience.


SoSulpice! discoveries

All year long, we love to make our guests tasting local specialities, and discover local producers, craftsmen, artists or small local businesses.

This year we invited our guests to enjoy Tea Tasting with  D’un thé à l’autre, Hot Chocolates Tasting during holiday season with Juliette et chocolat . In april, during maple sugar season, we catered to our guests ‘sweet tooth’  with maple taffy and other delicacies from  our partner Les Délices de l’érable. Let’s not forget summertime, when our guests enjoyed ice creams, and our famous SoSulpice! fresh home-made lemonade, served by our team! 




 délices de l'érable
juliette et chocolat



These are just a few examples of what we did, but dont’ worry, there are more SoSulpice! discoveries to come!





SoSulpice! boutique

This summer we created a new boutique area in our lobby.
Displayed are a selection of L’Occitane en Provence products, our  lotus flower signature fragrance, and other SoSulpice! items, all selected or designed exclusively for you.

Not to miss, the beautiful collections from Le Magasin Général that Nicole, the owner, carefully selected for you. You will enjoy the adornment of our windows, evolving with seasons and fashion trends. Our windows are an invitation to discover this little gem of a boutique right around the corner. You will be pleased by this boutique’s warmth, its cozy ambiance and its rich collection of gift ideas, accessories, jewellery, home decoration items and much more… But mostly, you will be also impressed by the personalized  SoSulpice! welcome you will experience with Nicole and her team. That’s right , beacuse being a hotel guest offers you SoSulpice! privileges on certain days! but it’s a surprise , only our team can tell you ore about it!

Magasin General  personalized shopping experience


Exclusive SoSulpice! access

Expo World Press Photo Montreal 2019

This year, le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal was happy to work with Expo World Press Photo Montreal in order to offer you an exclusive SoSulpice! access.


In September, for three Fridays in a row, our guests were able to discover this famous exhibition exclusively. From 9 to 10 am, they could access it before doors open to the public, at no extra fee! Can you imagine how wonderful it is to visit an exhibition without the crowd? This is what we call a SoSulpice! experience.

Now you might wonder what our next SoSulpice! access will be…We are delighted to announce you that staring on October 24th, our partnership will be with Mc Cord Museum, and its new major exhibition about Jean-Claude Poitras, famous Quebecer fashion designer and artist… Stay tuned, more information to come.

Please follow us on our social media to learn more about our SoSulpice! experiences. And of course, feel free to reach out to our Concierges, they will be happy to answer any question!


Karin Janssen
Marketing Manager