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Sustainable development program

Official launch of our sustainable development program

The Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal unveils its sustainable and social development program for the year 2022-2023.

After 2 years of pandemic, which unfortunately undermined eco-responsible approaches and actions, we are strongly resuming our initiatives in terms of sustainable development.

New team, new sustainable development committee

A new committee made up of staff members involved in the fight against climate change has been created. Each department of the Hotel is represented and will have the task of developing new actions in order to make our hotel eco-responsible. Everyone will ensure our actions respect our commitment to GHG savings, waste management and be environmental friendly.

Lauch of our sustainable and social developement program

For the year 2022-23 we are launching a brand new program: 1 month – 1 cause

All the teams of all the departments are involved in this process: each person has chosen an organization, a foundation, a cause that was close to his heart and will be the sponsor of the actions to be carried out for the month that concerns him.

That is how we built the sustainable and social development calendar starting in June 2022.

Discover our annual-agenda of sustainable development program at le saint sulpice hotel montreal

The principle:

We invite all guests staying two or more nights to refuse the housekeeping service. At each refusal of service, $5 will be donated to the charity or cause of the month.

This simple gesture is doubly important! The contribution is both ecological and social.

Of course, Le Saint-Sulpice Hôtel Montréal is also committed to promoting their fundraising event on our digital platforms, blogs, social networks, but also within our institution. And of course, our teams will be invited to organize challenges, original donations, as well as volunteer service.

The organization will also have a space to promote and educate our staff and clients about the cause.

Sustainable development actions already in place

Green Key certification

Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal rated 4 keys with green key certification for its sustainable development programIn order to contribute to the development of an eco-responsible hotel industry, the Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montréal has been actively pursuing sustainable development for several years now. This allows us to certify every year 4 out of 5 keys to the program ‘Green Keys‘.

Through this program, we aim for continuous improvement in water and energy conservation, waste and recyclable materials management, and the use of our household cleaning products.

  • We choose and work in priority with local suppliers who are committed to protecting the environment.
  • We encourage our customers, but also our employees and colleagues to participate and take eco-responsible actions: collecting used batteries and phones for recycling with Call2Recycle, recycling Nespresso capsules, ink cartridges and paper.
  • All L’Occitane en Provence beauty products not used by our clients are offered to the non-profit organizationLa Rue des femmes’. Their mission: to welcome and care for women who are homeless or at risk of falling into it.
  • Energy Intelligence Project
    In 2019, we undertook a major energy saving project through the implementation of a complete energy intelligence project in collaboration with Fusion Energy. This project included various elements in terms of control of the restaurant air conditioners, offices, changing rooms, lobby and conference rooms, humidity control, air quality control, heat loss etc..
  • New waste management system:
    We have also implemented a new waste management system with the installation of a compactor for recycling. This has reduced the number of recycling levies by more than 75%. This major reduction in truck travel leads to a significant reduction in costs, air pollution and noise pollution. We also improved the quality of our recycling: due to lack of space sometimes, some items had to be put to waste. Therefore, we also reduced the frequency of waste collection by +30%.
  • Installation of Tesla charging stations
    We have installed 3 charging stations for electric cars (Tesla or any other model) in our parking lot, and thus contribute to the development of non-polluting cars.

Le Saint-Sulpice Hôtel Montréal installe des distributeurs L'Occ

  • This year, we started to implement L’Occitane en Provence distributors to replace the amenities in our bathrooms and will be finished by spring 2023 for our 108 suites.

We stay at your disposal for more information about our sustainable devlopment program!


Karin Janssen
Marketing manager