In May we support GRIS-Montreal with our green program

In May, we support GRIS-Montreal with our green program collection.

The green program that we have been implementing for almost a year is a program that consists of inviting guests who stay at the hotel for more than one night to not take the housekeeping service. By this simple gesture, our guests contribute to reduce their ecological footprint, and they contribute to our monthly collection since the hotel gives $5 for each day of refusal to an organization that is close to our hearts.

For the month of May, Anaïs, our reception manager, has chosen the GRIS-Montreal organization. She explains to us the reasons for her choice.

‘This cause is very important to me, because it is part of my core values, since always. I have always been close to and surrounded by queer people in my life. All over the world, people are victims of violence and discrimination because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. For me, protecting these people has become my primary motivation in life. Human rights are universal and indivisible. Everyone should have the same basic rights, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression!’



GRIS-Montreal is a non-profit community organization that demystifies sexual orientations and gender identities through the testimonial method. It is above all a large family of 250 volunteers who work daily to build a more open society.

GRIS-Montreal is a non-profit organization created in 1994 whose mission is to promote a better knowledge of sexual and gender diversity and to facilitate the integration of LGBT+ people in society.

Since school is an environment where young people’s values take shape and where ignorance gives way to knowledge, they have chosen to prioritize the school environment to demystify sexual orientations and gender identities. They work mainly in high schools and CEGEPs in the greater Montreal area and have adapted their interventions for students in the 3rd cycle of elementary school.

GRIS volunteers also intervene with other clienteles such as francization classes, youth centers, workplaces and seniors’ homes.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

The team at Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal