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Our Stay at Le St-Sulpice Hotel Montreal by Mary Lynn Kimberly Kiley

We feel very lucky that with our blog come many opportunities to travel and stay in many hotels. Sometimes our experience is «ok», but other times it is amazing!

Whether we are talking about customer service, cleanliness, or location, the hotel has to make us feel like home in order to make our stay perfect no matter if we are in another city, country or 30 minutes from home.

Our experience at the Saint-Sulpice was equal and beyond those standards and expectations.

Last September, Emile, Marie-Pier and I got the chance to go and to be (hosted) taken care of by the lovely Saint-Sulpice hotel located in the heart of Old Montreal. Rated 4 stars and 4 diamonds, the establishment offers 108 luxurious suites and the one we got to stay in made us feel and sleep like queens. That is why we want to tell you a bit more about it!

More about our experience…

First of all, we have to talk about the location of the Saint-Sulpice because it is an undeniable asset. Old Montreal is charming for long walks, nice for lunch or diner, or simply beautiful to look at. The welcoming and the customer service at the hotel made us feel safe from our first minutes in. In the lobby of our suite, a little hand-written note had been placed on the table just for us. It’s a little thing, but in our eyes those are the most important. There was also a gift box of l’Occitane products waiting for us in the room and that was a fun coincidence because that happens to be one of our favourite brands!

instagram fabrique crepue
Picture credit : Emilie Morin

After putting down our luggage, we made ourselves a good coffee, slipped on the white fluffy robes like we were in a movie. At that moment right there, we were in heaven. The room was luminous and wide and it felt good to have that much space in a hotel room. Often, when we stay in hotels, we are in a hurry to get outside because the rooms are just not comfortable or big enough to work or truly relax.  That was clearly not the case at the Saint-Sulpice, where everything is made in a way that will make every visitor feel welcomed and comfortable.

St- Sulpice hotel Deluxe suite

«In addition to being located in the heart of Old Montreal and to offering amazing service, the hotel surprises me by the unique experience it offers. Their will to be different is present from start to finish and also in the smallest details possible. My favourite thing in the room was the coffee table book on the nightstand, called « Histoires sans suites» that was specially created for the hotel by 14 writers from here and there. In a world where everything is being standardized, the Saint-Sulpice knows how to stand out by doing things in a unique way and I love that.» – Marie-Pier Guillot

The next morning…

As we exited our room the next morning to start our day, we were greeted at the Sinclair restaurant for a simple but delicious breakfast.

Restaurant Sinclair

Other interesting facts about the hotel

After the success of the short film La Valise, and in its continuous will to amaze your imagination, the hotel has emerged itself in a new project, just as original as the first one; the creation of an art gallery and the development of a mobile and digital guide, the entry ticket for an immersive visit.

This project is the fruit of an artistic love story with famous designer, Jean-Claude Poitras. The hotel as literally fallen under the spell of his artwork and has quickly decided to support this artist by acquiring 11 of his art pieces. Assembled for a unique and permanent exposition, those art pieces are exposed on each one of the floors of the hotel, thus transforming each of them in a small art gallery. «Body and Soul» follows the artistic course of this amazing creator.

Jean-Claude Poitras à l'hôtel Le St-Sulpice


A few minutes of walk from the hotel you can find a small restaurant that serves delicious food and that I strongly recommend. The Venice Mtl specializes in poke bowls and seriously, it’s the best ones I have ever tasted!

poke bowl

The atmosphere is relaxing, the staff is cool and the food is absolutely delicious. I strongly recommend you try it!

Venice Montreal

Hotel Contact Information

414, Saint-Sulpice Street
Montréal, QC
H2y 2v5
514 288-1000
1 877 785-7423 (no charge)

Find more information HERE.

P.-S. A special thank you to Karin Janssen.

Mary-Lynn blogger

By Mary Lynn Kimberly Kiley
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