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St-Sulpice stories

Local Art Exhibitions at Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Gallery

Wake up to impressive art exhibitions at the hotel Gallery,  Le Saint-Sulpice

At Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel in Old Montreal, we are delighted to showcase local artists throughout all five floors of our boutique hotel. Our beloved guests can revel in the beauty of paintings, photographs that encompass elements of our culture so well. Through collaborations with local artists and galleries, our hotel gallery is able to present unique exhibitions for guests and locals alike. We are proud to feature the following artists this month:

  1. JF Savaria photography
  2. Multiple artists from Gallea
  3. Jean Claude Poitras


The photographer JF Savaria presents his artworks at le saint-sulpice hotel montreal, hotel gallery in the old port

JF Savaria is a Montreal photographer known for his urban photography of abandoned structures, architecture, and skyscrapers. With a social media following of over 60,000, Savaria is a distinguished artist who seeks new perspectives and finds elusiveness in ordinary life. His love and admiration for Montreal shines through in his photos.

Discover the montreal photograph jf savaria at le saint-sulpice hotel

Thanks to the financial support of Tourisme Montréal, we are happy to put 25 of his pieces on display. 11 of them will be showcased in our luxurious hotel rooms (1 piece per room) and 14 (larger pieces) will be displayed in our meeting rooms. Visit our picturesque hotel in Montreal’s Old Port to discover a vantage point you’ve never seen before and fall in love with our beautiful city. 







stay at the hotel gallery saint-sulpice montreal and enjoy local artist with gallea

Gallea is known as the largest growing online gallery in Canada; with a mission to make art accessible to anyone, anywhere. Our hotel in Old Montreal is thrilled to help showcase a few of Gallea’s stunning pieces made by local artists to help promote artistic discovery within our community and support the arts.  Discover 10 stunning works of art from now until April 2023 that can be viewed at Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel and purchased online. We hope they inspire you as much as they’ve inspired us. A new exhibition will take place from April to December.

Be sure to stay at Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel in Old Montreal for a 4 Diamond (AAA rating) experience. 


Jean Claude Poitras is an internationally renowned Quebecois fashion designer, with his collections presented in international boutiques such as New York, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, and Guadalajara. In 2019, he was awarded the prestigious Prix Du Quebec, the highest distinction in science and culture from the Quebec Government. Now, he devotes himself to painting. Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel invites you to view his permanent exhibition entitled Body & Soul, showcased throughout all five floors of our hotel gallery. During your stay at our luxury hotel in Old Montreal, we invite you to indulge in this carefully curated immersive tour.



With a 4 Diamond (AAA rating), Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel in Old Montreal is a boutique hotel known for the charm and authenticity of its 108 suites. Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal offers a unique experience in the heart of Old Montreal. 

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We look forward to welcoming you soon!

St-Sulpice stories

Art gallery hotel

Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal,
a hotel gallery in Old Montreal

 Our goal: to get our guests to discover local artists

Since the hotel’s opening, we’ve always exhibited artwork in the public areas. We strive to create and share refined and original experiences with our guests and artwork exhibitions are one of the ways we do so. We want you to indulge your imagination! This is our signature and why we want our guests to discover the local culture through different artists, mainly coming from the Quebec province. We collaborate with the artists themselves or with Montreal art galleries, more specifically Simon Blais gallery and Roccia gallery.

Start your visit in the lobby

Once you enter the St-Sulpice hotel, you will right away be attracted by the beautiful bronze sculpture Become from André Desjardins. Go on further in the lobby and discover 2 pieces from the same artist: the Sea on your right and Voler plus haut (fly higher) on your left. On your right, you will see Marie-France Boisvert’s pieces All the pretty girls and Memories, without missing the blue from Ariane Blais along the corridor facing the hotel’s garden.

Become by Andre Desjardins

Discover the sculpture Become by Andre Desjardins in the entrance of the lobby

Go down on the ss-level, and have a at another Ariane Blais piece as you exit the elevator and walk to the St-Paul meeting room to see the great mirror She’s got the look from Guy Hamelin, a Quebec painter and photographer.

Please not that all the artwork exhibited are for sale.

Continue your visit upstairs and discover our permanent exhibition Body and Soul by Jean-Claude Poitras 

This project started in 2014 during a cocktail happening at Roccia gallery. We literally fell in love with the artworks of Jean-Claude Poitras, and convinced our management to buy 11 artworks to create a permanent exhibition at the hotel.

our hotel gallery offers a permanent exhibition to visit: Body and Soul

Visit our permanent exhibition Body and Soul by quebec artist Jean-Claude Poitras

On all 5 floors of the hotel, in special sections renovated in the form of an art gallery with special design and lighting, discover this stunning collection that traces the career of this remarkable artist. His graceful silhouettes, the beauty and refinement of his works, evoke what our hotel has become over the past two years as we have refined our distinctive brand.

Thanks to our mobile guide,  visitors can enjoy an immersive tour, weaving poetry and music together. Another original way to discover this exhibition. You will just have to connect with your phone or tablet!

Enjoy your visit!

Karin Janssen, marketing manager

hotel gallery : les Cigales, by Jean-Claude Poitras

Beautiful artworks to discover on all 5 floors of the hotel

More information about the artists you can discover in our hotel gallery:

André Desjardins

André Desjardins is an artist well known around the world. Painter and sculptor he participated to the New York art Expo in 2008, where he had lots of success. He became more and more famous internationally as he was helped by a Californian company specialized in visual artist careers. His artworks are now exhibited in numerous galleries and public or private collections around the world including the Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal! Watch the video explaining the creation of Become

Ariane Blais

Ariane Blais grew up surrounded by paintings, tubes and jars of paint and brushes. Her mother, an artist herself, taught her art for over 20 years. Thus, at a very young age, Ariane developed a natural attraction to colors, textures and movements.  Travel is central to Ariane’s artistic approach. These travels ended in 2010 when she presented her Fire exhibition during The Vancouver Olympics. She returns home filled with faith in human beauty that will influence her artwork for years to come. Now living in Montreal, Ariane is investing herself in various personally significant artistic projects

Marie-France Boisvert :

We are very happy to welcome artworks of this Quebec artist who has been a prolific painter and sculptor for more than 20 years. Now working in Montreal, Marie-France Boisvert continues with the same enthusiasm to accumulate awards, mentions and peer recognition with exhibits in Canada, the United States and Europe.  Discover her work in our lobby. Discover her work

Guy Hamelin

Born in Montreal Guy Hamelin has devoted himself to his art for more than 16 years. Painter, photographer, and filmmaker, he now enjoys the present moment. The movement called the Ripple effect is what we find on his artworks. It is reminiscent of the waves caused by a pebble thrown in the water and represents the water in the human body, source of life…

Jean-Claude Poitras, artist – fashion designer

Early on, his collections were celebrated on prestigious fashion runways across the globe and Jean-Claude Poitras soon was acclaimed as Canada’s leading fashion bright star. His international recognition earned him the Ordre National du Québec as well as the Order of Canada. He then turned around and used his talent to reimagine dining elegance and interior design. He now devotes himself to painting and exhibits his artworks in many events and galleries.