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Spa scandinave Old Montreal

Spa Scandinave Old Montreal

Are you looking for a relaxation escape? Don’t look further! Located 2 minutes away from le St-Sulpice Hotel Montreal, the spa scandinave Old Montreal will answer all your expectations.

With its unique soft light and peaceful ambiance created by the sound of the waterfalls and the relaxing music, you will straight away immerse in this universe of absolute wellness. In this urban spa, silence is the key. By embracing silence, one finds inner stillness leading to complete relaxation.

3 experiences : the hot baths, eucalyptus steam bath and sauna.

Waterfalls at Spa Scandinave

To make your hydrotherapy experience completely beneficial, you will have to follow 3 steps:

First comes the body-heating period (10 to 15min) – if you choose the hot baths don’t miss a back-massage under the waterfalls!- when the surface blood vessels dilate and carry more blood to the skin’s surface. The raised body temperature this produces causes profuse sweating that cleanses the skin.

The second stage consists of closing the pores of the skin through a beneficial rinse in cool water through a Nordic shower or cold plunge (a few seconds). Of course enter a foot under this freezing water might be difficult but it is really essential to feel really good after! Trust us! We recommend the Nordic shower… it’s easier and shorter!

The final stage is designed to allow the cardiovascular system to regulate itself through a period of relaxation in the privacy of the relaxation areas. You will enjoy the comfortable cushions for 2. Just read a magazine or let your mind wander and take a break! We invite you to try the closed relaxation area… you will definitely fall asleep in 5 minutes!

You can make this cycle 3 times but don’t forget to respect the relaxation step and to hydrate! Tea and citrus water pitchers are available for free.

Relaxation areas Spa scandinave

Intimate atmosphere in one of the relaxation areas



Treat yourself to a soothing massage :

There is a large place dedicated to massage treatments. Different types of therapeutic massages are available: from the solo or duo Swedish massage (60 to 90 minutes), the Lomi-atsu, deep tissue, hot stone and even prenatal massage.




Guests from Le St-Sulpice Hotel Montreal enjoy special rates

Because of its location and its high standards services, the spa Scandinave Old Montreal works very closely with Le St-Sulpice Hotel Montreal. We created the absolute wellness package including one night in a beautiful Superior suite, continental breakfast, baths access and one-hour Swedish massage for 2, and late check-out at 3pm.

For either bath access or massage treatment, le St-Sulpice Hotel Montreal guests benefit from privileged rates.

Just contact our concierge before your arrival or while check-in, they will be more than happy to help you and to make your reservation!

Karin Janssen, marketing manager